Small worlds

A series of works based on the idea of micro and macro understanding of structures with a large structure (circle) being made of smaller circles. Images can be seen as plants or microscopic organisms. Collage and oil pastel on paper and board. 2021.

Anthropocene Botanicals

Dutch Buquet 2

Anthropocene Botanicals are inspired by the botanical drawings and still life flower paintings from 17-19th century. These historical depictions of flowers were made in a spirit of optimism; many of  these drawings represented all the new species of plants that were being discovered on a almost daily basis. There was as sense that nature’s bounty was limitless. My series has a working title of “Anthropocene Botanicals” as a way of addressing our perception of the natural world today. In a time when we are dealing with mass extinction of flora and fauna; our documentation of these plants might now be considered more of requiem. The flowers are presented in chaotic, colourless “arrangement” to depict this new understanding of the plants we are seeing.

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